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Prepare to go dark

Take on the role of lethal Tier One operators in a heart-racing saga that will affect the global balance of power.

One narrative connects Campaign, Multiplayer, and Special Ops. Cross play brings players and the community together. Free maps and modes arrive on all platforms at the same time. The new game engine enables the most photo realistic environments ever seen in this franchise. And Modern Warfare delivers the largest technical leap in Call of Duty history.



The ultimate online playground.

The ultimate multiplayer experience

Modern Warfare is back

Grounded combat and fast-paced action. The most photo realistic environments in franchise history. Fan-favourite multiplayer modes and epic Killstreaks. Deep weapon customisation. Best-in-class down the barrel gameplay. And a whole lot more.

Unprecedented variety


Pair up for a fast-paced, close-quarters cage match.

Traditional MP

Jump into classic, 6v6 action-packed combat.

Night vision

Engage the enemy under the cover of darkness.

Ground war

Storm some of the largest ever MP maps for Call of Duty.

More customisation than ever before

Tune your arsenal to your playstyle at the Gunsmith, which houses the most weapon choices ever in a Call of Duty title.

More ways to dominate the map

Turn the tide of battle with both classic and all-new Killstreaks.



Visceral and dramatic single-player Story.

Visceral and dramatic single-player campaign

?These are morally complex stories where there is no black and white, or pure evil or pure good. It?s the grey in the middle of all that, and finding your line is a hard thing to determine.?

Taylor Kurosaki,
Studio Narrative Director, Infinity Ward


Partner with special forces and freedom fighters to retrieve stolen chemical weapons. Covert operations will take you across Europe and the Middle East in order to stop full scale global war.

The world will look to you to do what needs to be done.


Special Ops

Intense four-player cooperative missions.

Four player co-op operations

Welcome back to Special Ops

Receive your intel. Neutralise your targets. Reap the rewards for a mission accomplished.

Continue the story

Pick up where Campaign concludes. In Special Ops, you will deploy alongside your squad mates to sever a global terror organization?s access to weapons, funds, and intelligence.

Engage your way

The expansive urban environment puts killstreaks, tanks, helicopters, and more at your disposal. It?s your choice whether to go in quietly or with guns blazing.

Complete your mission

Employ different strategies. The enemy reacts to your team?s decisions and the outcome of any battle can change.


Please note, an internet connection and Playstation Plus may be required to play this game. In addition, you may need to update your hardware via the internet before you can play the game.

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